We care for all the youth we serve as if they were our own, helping them to pursue positive choices and opportunities to thrive.


We better the lives of youth and families by providing positive, inspiring programs that make a difference, now and in the future.


We embrace the differences of every youth, family and community we serve with an inclusive nature and diverse staff.


We commit to building the capabilities of all youth, regardless of circumstance, to overcome challenges and achieve success.


We rely on our staff, communities, supporters, funders and partner agencies to help shape the success of our youth.

About us

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders was developed to provide educational guidance, support and mentoring to the youth in our community.

Our program is designed to promote positive Youth Development and Leadership while combating issues leading to increased dropout rates, poor health, teen pregnancy and juvenile detention facing the youth in the community.

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders’ strengths lie in not only its unique family-oriented atmosphere but in the powerful individualized case management component.

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What our supporters are saying

  • Trevone has been blessed with the ability to make a positive change into today's world. I am confident that trevone will give 110% of what he has learned and will teach to the citizens and young people as positive motivation.
    Tony Barnes
    President of St. Lucie County, NAACP
  • The personal traits of resilience, respect, dependability, and integrity are the reasons that I recognize trevone Simmons as a major contributing member for our community. I have great confidence that Trayvon will continue to excel in this capacity and we'll add much-needed value to any community that he chooses to support.
    Nicholas Mimms
    Fort Pierce City Manager
  • "I look forward to seeing the results of the work of Creating Tomorrow's Leaders, as young men learn personal responsibility and accountability. At the heart of this organization is a man who knows the value of working within the system to make positive changes happen, especially in communities challenged by poverty and crime. It has a new name, "Creating Tomorrow's Leaders," but the timelessness of the message remains the same: "We are all captains of our own ship and we shape our destiny by the choices we make." Thank you, "Deebo," for your dedication to these young men, to your community and to your faith."
    Linda Hudson
    Mayor, City of Fort Pierce